A different kind of Trading?

Sports trading is just like stock trading. Instead of buying and selling shares of company, we buy and sell bets on sporting events. The real beauty of sports trading is that we don’t care who wins or loses the event. Just if the price moves. Because of this, we don’t have to pick winners to be a winner.

A stock traders main aim is to buy low and sell high. The principles are exactly the same in sports, but we lay low and back high. Making a profit, regardless of the result. If you match the bets and outcomes against each-other, you’ll see how it’s a profit.

Sports exchanges work just like any other financial markets.

Traders from all around the globe use the exchange to place bets with each other. Betfair acts like a referee. By taking real-time information from thousands of football matches, horse races and other sports, Betfair makes sure the winners get paid and the losers pay up. For providing this service, Betfair take a 5% cut on all winning bets.

When you place a bet at a traditional bookmaker, you are (almost) always placing a back bet. This means that you are betting that something will happen.

By accepting your bet, the bookmaker is effectively placing a lay bet. They are betting against you that your outcome won’t happen.

Using a betting exchange such as Betfair, allows us to place both back and lay bets. By doing this multiple times, we can produce a guaranteed profit no matter what the outcome

Have I left it too late?

No absolutely not! Depending on which experts you ask, the value of Bitcoin will rise to between $500,000 and $1M in the next 2-5 years. This also doesn’t take into account the new cryptocurrencies that are out there (1400+ at last count), which are trying to gain market share. Most of those currencies are still worth less than $1 so have massive room to grow generating spectacular profits.

All the doom & gloom that surrounded the price drops in December. On the 10th Jan the price of VIBE (a live music-centric digital currency) rocketed from 43c to $2.42. That’s great and it’s what everyone focuses on, as it’s a 500% increase, a pretty sweet increase. But look at the increase from the 18th Dec – 7th Jan, from 5c to 50c. That was a 1000% increase, and the buy-in cost was ⅛ the price!

Every time someone has said “Well, it’s reached its peak now!”, Crypto prices have surged again. Yes, they are highly volatile, yes they can swing by 30% in one day, and as we have seen recently there have been some major crashes but the only way is up for the next few years.

Even if you buy now and just hold the coins, there is great value to be gained. But if you’re prepared to work at it, there are enormous profits to made over the next 3-5 years. After that, simply having a huge fund of  cryptocurrencies in your possession will give you an enormous advantage over the general public.

How to keep Your Cryptocurrency Safe

Cryptocurrencies are far more popular these days and some people are wanting to keep on the crest of the success. You need to ensure your security measures are up to date especially for your wallets and other portfolios you may have in your investments.

There have been several reported attacks of some crypto wallets. You need to be very careful in times of anything goes. Thankfully, most crypto platforms have built-in security measures which you can take advantage of.

The onus also likes on Technology Specialist, Christopher Freville to keep customers crypto investments safe and secure. A number of measures can be taken to keep your wallet safe from would be offenders. Once they have access, you may never be able to recover your funds so make sure you take pre-emptive action.